Bill Gates Wiki, Net worth, Height, Wife, Age and Biography

Bill Gates Wiki and Biography

Bill Gates Wiki, Net worth, Height, Wife, Age and Biography
Bill Gates Wiki, Net worth, Height, Wife, Age and Biography

Bill Gates Biography, Wiki, Net worth

Hello friends, today we are going to talk about the richest in the world, which you probably know. Friends, today we will tell you about Bill Gates. So, friends, we will talk about Bill Gates's Wiki, Net worth, Height, Wife, Age, and Biography, knowing that you too will become a bit obese. Friends, if you are born in a poor house, then it is not your fault, but if you die poor, it is a big mistake. We are telling you this because Bill Gates was also from a poor house and this is the sentence of Bill Gates.

Bill Gates has a lot of money. Bill Gates has so much money that he can build his own country and this country can become the richest 36th country in the world. So you can guess how rich Bill Gates is. Friends say that no person in the world can stop us when the time is good.

Bill Gates's full name is William Henry Gates. She was born on 28 October 1955 in Washington. Bill Gates is 64 years old. Bill Gates was admitted to practice at a university. Bill Gates left his studies at the same university because he had to start his own company. Friends, Bill Gates had a lot of interest in computer since childhood. They used to spend the whole day in front of the computer. His parents wanted him to grow up to become a lawyer. But Bill Gates said in one of his interviews that he used to make his own decisions. Bill Gates said that I want to earn from my passion. Bill Gates is a businessman, software developer, investor.

Bill Gates Career and Biography

Bill Gates created his first software as a computer game. Which was named Tick Two. Any person can play this game alone and you can play this game with a computer only. Bill Gates showed himself doing things that even a big software engineer could not do at his young age. After making the game, Bill Gates met a man named Paul Ellen. Bill Gates and Paul Ellen became very good friends. Both of these ideas were very similar to computers. Both of them together made software that was used to schedule the school's time table. In 1970, the two then created software that was used to schedule the city's traffic and they received 20 thousand dollars to complete the program. This was Bill Gates' first earning.

On 26 November 1975, Bill Gates launched Microsoft by registering as an official company. Then in 1980 Bill Gates created a computer system for the first time. Which was very good at that time. Nobody could do such work at this time. Bill Gates was a very hard working person. Bill Gates is a person who did not have time to remove shoes even at bedtime. In 1985 Bill Gates and Allen went to Mexico. Where he gave his basic language introduction to a computer making company. This is how Bill and Allen created their first project, Mills Altars Microcomputer for that company. This was Bill Gates's first project he underwent at Microsoft.

Microsoft became a huge software company and from there Bill Gates became one of the world's richest men. Bill Gates says that all of them make mistakes but only those who go ahead rectify their mistakes.

Bill Gates's Family and Wife

Bill Gates' father's name is William Henry Gates. or his mother's name is Mary Maxwell Gates. Bill Gates' wife is named Melinda Gates. Bill Gates' daughters are named Cup Adeley Gates, Jennifer Carerin Gates. Bill Gates' son's name is Sherry Jones Gates.

Bill Gates' earnings

Friends, you will go to the Chowk knowing of Bill Gates earning one day. Bill Gates has around 102 crores a day earnings and his one week earning is 714 crores. Their one-month earnings are 3000 crores. If Bill Gates spends Rs 6 crore a day, it will take 218 years for his account to be empty. Bill Gates starts to sell 50 - 50 dollars all over the world, yet he will have $ 5 million left. Bill Gates earned all this from Microsoft. Also, Bill Gates has 2 hotels worth $ 200 million. With whose help Bill Gates is earning a lot of money.

Bill gates net worth

Bill Gates has a net worth of 108 billion dollars which is 10 million crores in rupees.

Bill Gates House

Friends Bill Gates has a lot of homes in the US. Which are worth in crores. Bill Gates has a palatial house in Medina Washington worth 63 million USD (500 million). It took about 7 years to build the house. This is the rest of the world at home. It has all types of technology installed inside the house.

Bill Gates pays only $ 1 million at the end of every year for this house. The specialty of this house is that it is made from 500 years old trees. Also, Bill Gates bought another house in California valued at 283 million. This is the horse's rest track outside the house. This house has a guest house and its own office.

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Bill Gates of Cars, Private Jets

Bill Gates also has his private jets. Which is called Bombardier, and 19 people can travel comfortably on this plane.

Bill Gates Wiki, Biography, Net worth, Family, Wife

Full Name - William Henry Gates

Bill Gates Birthday Date - 28 October 1955

Bill Gates Birthday Place - Washington

Bill Gates Father Name - Henry Gates

Bill Gates Mother Name - Merry Maxwell Gates


Bill Gates Wife Name - Melenda Gates

Bill Gates Bill Daughters - Vup Adeley Gates, Jennifer Cairin Gates

Bill Gates Son Name - Sherry Jones Gates

Bill Gates Best Friend - Paul Ellen

Bill Gates Net Worth - 108 Billion Dollars 

Bill Gates Home - America

Bill Gates 1Day Income - 102 Crore

Bill Gates 1 Week Income - 714 Crore

Bill Gates 1 Month Income - 3000 Crore

Bill Gates Company - Microsoft

Bill Gates Car Collection - Porsche 959, Mercedes V220d, Chevrolet, Ford Focus, Porsche 911, Porsche 930

Bill Gates Jets - Bombardier Jet

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